Cocktail Reference Guide

Zero-Proof Reference Guide

Crafting a balanced non-alcoholic drink takes skill. While we encourage each participating establishment to create their own beverage, our co-chair Sarah Crowl of Coltivare has generously offered template recipes.  Use these drinks as written or the recipes as jumping-off points for your own creations!

Cherry Refreshing Limeade

“Cherry Refreshing Limeade”

Portions can be adjusted, depending on desired level of tartness/sweetness: (Optional) muddled herbs, mint/rosemary

2 oz lime juice

1 oz simple syrup

1 oz cherry syrup Shake, strain over ice in tall glass/Collins Top with 2 oz topo chico or sodaGarnish w cherry + lime wheel.

Melon Tonic

“Melon Tonic”

Muddle in glass:

8 mint leaves

2-3 diced cucumber slices in a glass.

.5 oz lemon juice

.5 ounce lime juice

2 dashes of salt tincture (4:1)

1 oz cucumber shrub*

Top with 2 oz Tonic (I use Fever-tree Mediterranean). Swizzle. Garnish with cucumber wheel + mint sprig. 

*shrub: equal parts: peeled cucumber flesh (puréed is best), sugar, and rice vinegar. or in place of a shrub: (.5 oz simple syrup, .5 oz lemon juice/vinegar + 3 more diced cucumber slices, and shake)  

Tea-Ki Times

“Tea-Ki Times”

8 mint leaves

.5 oz Luxardo cherry syrup (or grenadine) in glass

.5 oz orgeat (n/a almond syrup)

1 oz lime juice

2 oz tea (green tea)

Shake. Sonic ice. Collins glass. Top with Ginger beer. Garnish mint sprig + cherry

Cantaloupe Non-Rita


1.5 oz Cantaloupe Shrub**

2 oz (Zico) coconut water

.75 oz lime juice

.5 oz orange juice

Sprinkle salt or 2 dashes salt tincture (4:1) Shake, strain into glass w salt rim. Garnish melon, lime, salt  

**Cantaloupe Shrub: 1 part water 1 part rice vinegar (mildest in flavor) 4 parts sugar  5 parts fruit puree

Slow Cold method: Combine puréed fruit, sugar, vinegar, water, chill, agitate over next few days until combined. Quick method: You can heat combined ingredients over stove top. Cool, store in cooler. shrub substitute: 1 oz melon/fruit purée + .5 oz simple syrup + .5 oz lime/vinegar