Mocktail Reference Guide

Zero-Proof Reference Guide

Crafting a balanced non-alcoholic drink takes skill. While we encourage restaurants to create and offer their own beverages on an ongoing basis, WellWeek Chair Sarah Crowl of Rosie Cannonball has generously offered template recipes. Use these drinks as written or the recipes as jumping-off points for your own creations!

Cherry Refreshing Limeade

“Cherry Refreshing Limeade”

Portions can be adjusted, depending on desired level of tartness/sweetness: (Optional) muddled herbs, mint/rosemary

2 oz lime juice

1 oz simple syrup

1 oz cherry syrup Shake, strain over ice in tall glass/Collins Top with 2 oz topo chico or sodaGarnish w cherry + lime wheel.

Melon Tonic

“Melon Tonic”

Muddle in glass:

8 mint leaves

2-3 diced cucumber slices in a glass.

.5 oz lemon juice

.5 ounce lime juice

2 dashes of salt tincture (4:1)

1 oz cucumber shrub*

Top with 2 oz Tonic (I use Fever-tree Mediterranean). Swizzle. Garnish with cucumber wheel + mint sprig. 

*shrub: equal parts: peeled cucumber flesh (puréed is best), sugar, and rice vinegar. or in place of a shrub: (.5 oz simple syrup, .5 oz lemon juice/vinegar + 3 more diced cucumber slices, and shake)  

Tea-Ki Times

“Tea-Ki Times”

8 mint leaves

.5 oz Luxardo cherry syrup (or grenadine) in glass

.5 oz orgeat (n/a almond syrup)

1 oz lime juice

2 oz tea (green tea)

Shake. Sonic ice. Collins glass. Top with Ginger beer. Garnish mint sprig + cherry

Cantaloupe Non-Rita


1.5 oz Cantaloupe Shrub**

2 oz (Zico) coconut water

.75 oz lime juice

.5 oz orange juice

Sprinkle salt or 2 dashes salt tincture (4:1) Shake, strain into glass w salt rim. Garnish melon, lime, salt  

**Cantaloupe Shrub: 1 part water 1 part rice vinegar (mildest in flavor) 4 parts sugar  5 parts fruit puree

Slow Cold method: Combine puréed fruit, sugar, vinegar, water, chill, agitate over next few days until combined. Quick method: You can heat combined ingredients over stove top. Cool, store in cooler. shrub substitute: 1 oz melon/fruit purée + .5 oz simple syrup + .5 oz lime/vinegar