Welcome to WellWeek, an initiative led by the Houston hospitality industry to raise awareness about medical problems such as depression and anxiety. 
One in five of us suffers from mental illness. Rates of illness were already on the rise and worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through conversation, we seek to eliminate the social prejudice that prevents many of our loved ones from seeking the help they need. 
Since 2018, we have raised and donated thousands of dollars for mental health care via the participation of dozens of Houston’s most prominent bars and restaurants. Each year, the food and beverage industry has created non-alcoholic beverages or special desserts signify support for individuals whose health requires abstention from alcohol, or whose illness prevents them from appreciating the sweetest parts of life.
This year, from October 4 – 16, we will again highlight these menu items from our hospitality partners, but due to the ongoing financial burden and stresses the pandemic has brought to our beloved food and beverage industry, we’ll only be accepting donations directly from the public. 
Our fundraising will support the following partners: 

Mental Health America

NAMI | Greater Houston

Southern Smoke

Ethos Wellness: Outpatient Mental and Behavioral Health Therapy for All Ages.